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Del Amitri is a pop rock band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Currently, the band consists of Justin Currie (Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitars), Iain Harvie (Vocals, Guitars), Andy Alston (Keyboards, Accordian), Kris Dollimore(Guitars), and Mark Price (Drums). Currie and Harvie are the only two founding members remaining in the band.

Past members include:
Jon McLoughlin 1995-1997 Guitars
Ashley Soan 1994-1997 Drums
David Cummings 1989-1995 Guitars
Chris Sharrock 1995 Drums
Brian McDermott 1989-1994 Drums
Paul Tyagi 1982-1989 Drums
Mick Slaven 1988-1989 Guitars
Bryan Tolland 1982-1988 Guitars

Del Amitri is best known for their 1995 hit, "Roll To Me". "Roll To Me" helped to sell millions of copies of Twisted.

In 2002, the band was dropped from Universal Records, however, they continue to preform as a group, and are not giving up faith in having a comeback. The band released 20th Century Masters, another greatest hits, in 2003 on an independant record label. They are still looking to be signed again.

20th Century Masters (2003)
Can You Do Me Good? (2002)
Hatful Of Rain: The Best of Del Amitri (1998)
Some Other Sucker's Parade (1997)
Twisted (1995)
Change Everything (1992)
Waking Hours (1989)
Del Amitri (1985)


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