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I just wrote this haiku for my boyfriend. I am quite annoyed because I have been studying like mad all night, trying to finish up the assignments that I have due tomorrow, and he wouldn't go get me pizza for dinner. I even offered to pay - all he had to do was phone the order in and go pick it up, and for some reason he wouldn't do that. It's not like he has anything to do for school - at least nothing pressing, because he fucked around on his computer the entire night. He is now sleeping, and I'm still studying my ass off. And starving. He got dinner though. Ass. Oh yeah, and I was made to feel like a demanding bitch for asking him to go pick up pizza. We'll see if I do anything nice for him next time he's stressed out.

What would cheer me up?
Just do something nice for me.
Would it be that hard?

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