“One, two, three, four!
Denver, the Last Dinosaur,
He’s my friend and a whole lot more!”

the last dinosaur.
Shows me a world
I never saw before.

A saturday morning cartoon in 1988, right after The Land Before Time was released, and kids wanted Dinosaur everything (toys. lunchboxes).)

He had a guitar, sunglasses, a mohawk, and has hip.

The idea was that this multi-racial gang of California teens find his egg and let him out. Jeremy, Mario, Shades, Wally and Casey, along with tagalong little sister Heather. The kids taught Denver skateboarding and other Gen X pastimes while protecting him from concert promoter Morton Fizzback who tried to show him to the media.

It also had a preachy ending at the end of the shows with a lesson about conservation, ecology and friendship.

After one season, the Dinosaur trend ended and he went into reruns really early.

Thanks to yesterdayland.com for reminding me.

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