The TV series "Diff'rent Strokes" aired from 1978 - 1986 and starred Conrad Bain as Philip Drummond, a rich Manhattan widower who owns the multi-million-dollar firm Trans Allied, Inc. When his black maid Mrs. Jackson dies, he fulfills the promise he made to her to care for her two sons, eight-year-old Arnold (Gary Coleman)and twelve-year-old Willis (Todd Bridges), by adopting them as his own. They soon find their new home to be more than they could have hoped for as they are cheerfully accepted into the Drummond family by both Philip and his teenage daughter Kimberly (Dana Plato).

The littlest member of the Drummond family for quite a while, Gary Coleman made a name for himself early in his career, making audiences laugh as he exhibited that childish charm only a few gifted child actors possess. It was this role that popularized the line, "What you talkin bout, Willis?," which Coleman would utter whenever he was confused about something his older brother Willis said. Arnold was also well-known for carrying his teddy bear Homer with him.

The long-running series often guest-starred such celebrities as Muhammad Ali and Nancy Reagan as the characters learned important lessons about issues like drugs, cheating, friendship, and family.

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