Dixie Crossroads is a popular seafood restaurant in Titusville, FL, and it is arguably the city's most popular seafood destination (aside from the docks at Sand Point where you have to catch the fish yourself). A second Dixie Crossroads is in business in Mount Dora, FL. Home of Mr. Rock, the restaurant's besuited rock shrimp, the place is locally famous for it's fabulous shrimp and other assorted seafood delights including fish, crab, lobster, and everything else you'd expect from a full seafood menu. Oh, and don't forget to try the corn fritters - they come free with the meal. A little cup of fruity sherbet comes with each dish as well.

So how did the restaurant come to be? The story (some say "legend") as told by founder Rodney Thompson is printed on each and every Dixie Crossroads menu and placemat, and it tells the story of how Cap'n Rodney discovered that the rock shrimp was quite tasty when broiled. Y'see, back in the days of 1969 before we knew of delicious broiled rock shrimp shrimpers regarded the little fellas as trash. A fellow boatman explained to Rodney how, if he could find a way to sell the rock shrimp, he'd be a millionaire. Nobody would buy them until he split one and tossed it on the broiler, and in the wake of that yummy discovery the Dixie Crossroads restaurant was born on January 1, 1983, providing easy access to the public for delicious shrimp and other local seafood fare.

The next time you're in town why not pay the place a visit at 1475 Garden Street on the north end of town near Sand Point and the pier access highways or you can stop by http://www.dixiecrossroads.org and peruse the menu and read the origin story.

The restaurant origin story comes from a Dixie Crossroads placemat.

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