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A character in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Doeg was an Saul's chief shepard and an Edomite. Doeg murdered 85 priests at Nob after all the Israelites in Saul's army refused to kill murder their priests. Saul wanted the priests dead for their role in sheltering David.

(doh' eg) HEBREW: DOEG

The Edomite Doeg was Saul's chief herdsman. After David fled from the king, Doeg saw him receiving aid from Ahimelech, a priest of Nod, and informed Saul of the incident. Saul's guard refused his order to kill the priests of Nod, and the king turned to Doeg, who slaughtered 85 priests and destroyed Nob and its inhabitants. Only Abimelech's son Abiathar escaped the destruction and took refuge with David. According to rabbinic lore, Doeg was a learned man who turned his knowledge toward selfish ends. At age 34, he was confronted by three angels of destruction who took his learning, burned his soul, and scattered his ashes.

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