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Memes, as their nature dictates, spring from the strangest of things. The "doge" meme, aka "shibe", is a new-ish (2013) animal macro featuring a photo of a Shiba Inu dog overlaid with multicolored, poorly-translated expressions of exclamation and admiration placed seemingly at random over the left, center and right alignments of the image, in the reviled Comic Sans font, presumably for extra "this is really dumb" points.

Of course it was started by 4chan people. At this point, when it comes to advice animal memes, do you even need to ask? A group of several (at least) 4chan dorks invaded the /r/Murica subreddit on Reddit and began posting mostly the same image of a Shiba Inu captioned with variations on the aforementioned nonsense. Reportedly, the "doge" featured in the image is actor Nicolas Cage's spirit animal (don't ask me to explain), and features a Shiba Inu named Kabosu that lives an ordinary life in Japan (presumably, inasmuch as an ordinary life can be lived in Japan). Like the Chuck Norris meme years before it, this one quickly spread to World of Warcraft, where players the world over can now be annoyed by "doge"-style speech in game chat channels. If an invader were to enter my home and stab me, I'd probably be incapable of relaying what had happened to the 911 operator, due to "doge" overexposure: "so stab. such blood. wow. burglar what r u doing. very ouch."

Although 4chan claims credit for the true creation of "doge", its origins lie in an old Flash cartoon on entitled "Biz Cas Fri 1" that appeared on June 24, 2005. In it, H*R's regular cast of cartoons has been replaced by felt puppets. The Homestar Runner puppet, attempting to socialize with the Strong Bad puppet in a work/office setting, goads Strong Bad into picking him up that night to attend a "ladies' night" at the local themed-restaurant establishment. Homestar follows this up by repeatedly referring to Strong Bad as his "dog", even going as far as to proclaim "That's why you're my D-O-G-E!" to which the baffled Strong Bad can only reply "Your doge?! What are you talking about?!" After this appearance, "doge" became a mini-meme within the H*R universe, appearing occasionally as a part of the "you're my dog" slang pilfered from gangster rap culture. It lay dormant on the internet for approximately the next seven years before being subjected en masse to everyone, everywhere. Even members of the United States Congress, whose attempts at creating "doge" macros were widely mocked, to say the least.

To create a "doge" macro of your own, you don't even need the original, unaltered image of Kabosu, the innocent Japanese Shiba Inu. Any image of an animal or idiotic person (like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, or anyone else in the habit of saying foolish or ridiculous things in public) will make a ready substitute for Kabosu. And on the other side of that coin, Kabosu has appeared in other advice animal macros in place of the usual subject, like The Most Interesting Man In The World, DIABEETUS and Good Guy Greg. If you've spent more than a few minutes looking at most any website, especially social media networks, chances are you've seen this happen already.

The original meaning of the word "doge", as lovingly detailed below by Webster 1913, doesn't enter into this meme at all, though the pronunciation is the same: DOH-j or dɔːdʒe. It's just a stupid (and admittedly entertaining) misspelling of "dog". What sort of person misspells "dog" and yet lives?!

Dogecoin, a new cryptocurrency in the spirit of the very real Bitcoin, has been established. Your guess is as good as mine.

Don't forget: there's a special place in hell for users of Comic Sans, especially those who propagate it in memes, but don't tell your mom that. She'd never understand.

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Stress breeds productivity, but probably not in the way my employers had hoped for.

Doge (?), n. [It doge, dogio, for duce, duca, fr. L. dux, ducis, a leader, commander. See Duke.]

The chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa.


© Webster 1913.

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