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Don’t let the psychos in.

Don’t let them creep in through your white picket fences.

Breathe in.

And remember: shut the gate, take out your garbage on Tuesdays, forget the people that you used to know, forget the person you used to be, don’t forget to feed your dog, remember to eat your greens, always wear a seatbelt, life in the highest tax bracket is so hard. do you feel unwanted, unfulfilled, useless – maybe you need a new ultra-replenishing ultra-revitalizing skin cream. if you don’t remember your dreams anymore it’s okay because it’s safe in here, safe from the psychos.

And remember: stand up straight, don’t swim on a full stomach, place your knife and fork in the center of your place when you finish, don’t forget your daily dosage of valium, it’s safe behind these picket fences, close the doors, you used to laugh, don’t let the psychos in, no need to be happy when you’ve got stability, don’t visit the valley it’s full of deviants, and crazies and psychos, keep on going, all you can do, mass produce, don’t put your elbows on the dinner table, lock all the doors and windows, block out all psychos - all of them, seize the day, make the most of your life, try a new thing every day – or year, stay married for the kids, white picket fences don’t let in psychos, they can’t, they just can’t because we know that if we make the bed, floss, pay our taxes, respect our mothers and fathers, lock the doors, lock them out, then they can’t come in.

Can they?

Breathe out (if you remember how).

Heather Corkhill 2000

Famous last words “Its perfectly safe, let me show you”

Being stalked isn’t a pleasant thing. Let’s say if you were to enter the mind of one being stalked then where would you arrive first? (Assuming you are entering through the eyes)

Perception of the person is not conclusive but paranoid, and yes that would be a sneak peek of the neurotic activity in the brain. It would start with a simple conversation and end abruptly with a lame excuse like “ hey, I have to make a phone call”, in an attempt to sound urgent as well as ‘thanks but, no thanks’. Just in case the person resumes to perceive more of you, the next halt would be the brain, in essence. This place looks like a whirring factory, with thought buses and red lights. Everyone here is going somewhere and you may be lost. Don’t ask for directions, since you will get none. I suggest you sit on the sidewalk and observe. If you are lucky and the stalked one appreciates how it perceives of you, then there could be a flippant happy thought passing by. This is the thought that will take you to the person’s mouth as it is soon going to be uttered. I suggest you don’t take that and continue to sit otherwise you would be uttered out. Watch! The casual thoughts buzzing in the mind will be reading out mostly

“Is he here? ”

“Is he watching me?”

“Is he going to do something about me talking to this newly perceived person?”

“Is he going to give me ugly mush calls again and softly threaten me with “or else?”

Those are the ordinary ones.

And just as well if you think you would never be interested to know how a stalked one thinks, this is futile.

“ I have spoken too much, now I must hide before he gets me.”

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