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An album by Yann Tomita's Doopees project. Released in 1995 on For Life Records.

"CUTE MUSIC is keep you healthy ,mind clear."
A direct quote from the CD cover. No, I did not misplace the comma.

A bit of personal history first, bear with me...
While discussing Japanese music with a friend over emails 2.5 years ago, he mentioned a band called "Doopees" and their album "Doopee Time". He didn't have any info about the release, but was completely crazy over it after getting a copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy on cassette. He wholeheartedly recommended the album, but I had no idea where to get the CD from. It seemed like nobody outside Japan knew anything about Doopees, and back then I didn't have a handy way to order stuff from Nihon itself.
When I was preordering the first Inuyasha soundtrack a few months ago, I suddenly remembered my friend talking about this strange group. Sure enough, CDJapan still had Doopee Time in stock. You can guess the rest.

Doopee Time isn't just a typical long play with a bunch of hit singles compiled along with some filler tracks. This is more of a trip, and a weird experience. It is clearly a concept album, which sort of tells you a story. Just don't ask me to explain it. :)
In more concrete terms, the record is a mixture of Yann Tomita's original songs, and cover versions of tunes by artists including The Ronettes and The Beach Boys. They are done with very sweet female vocals, even sweeter arrangements filled with lots of strings and samples, plus a truckload of insanely amusing vocal breaks and talk-overs which move the "story" forward. And just when you think you've got the album figured out, it transforms into experimental noise not unlike the works of Mika Vainio, only to turn back into steel pans and Phil Spector covers. All this is kept under control well enough to make the record seem like a tight package. And although the whole thing is intentionally humorous, It is clear Tomita & co. have put a lot of heart in the work instead of just viewing it as a big joke.

Unless you have an aversion towards cuteness, humor and engrish, get a hold of Doopee Time now. It is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face.

  1. What's the Time? (Some Day, in Time)
    • 00:29
    • Y.Tomita
  2. Doopee Time
    • 02:31
    • Y.Tomita
  3. How Does It Feel
    • 03:39
    • P. Vincent Jr. / P. Spector / P. Andreory
  4. Reprise (How Does It Feel)
    • 01:49
  5. Chopin Opus 28 No.4 with Tone Cluster
    • 01:52
    • F.F. Chopin
  6. Chopin Opus 28 No.4 À La Jimi Style
    • 00:36
    • F.F. Chopin
  7. My Spinning Wheel
  8. Love Songs (Love Is a Many Razor Bladed Thing)
    • 04:32
    • Y. Tomita
  9. Medical Service
    • 05:33
    • Y. Tomita
  10. Dr. Domestic's Physical Effect #1 - Piece for Turntables and Records
    • 01:52
    • Y. Tomita
  11. Dr. Domestic's Physical Effect #2 - Electronic Colored Tone and Strings
    • 02:35
    • Y. Tomita
  12. Time and Space
    • 07:48
    • Y. Tomita / S. Kim
  13. Air Vibes
    • 04:10
    • Y. Tomita
  14. Air by Bus
    • 01:30
    • Y. Tomita
  15. Auntie Kim sings "Now That You've Gone"
    • 05:05
    • C.P. Sally / B.H.E. Ernest / N.Norman
  16. Astro Age Steel Orchestra plays "Look for a Star"
    • 03:38
    • M. Anthony
  17. Now That You've Gone
    • 05:15
  18. Through My Window
    • 02:52
    • Y. Tomita
  19. Some Day, That Place in Time
    • 05:02
    • Y. Tomita
  20. Caroline, No
Total duration: 73:44

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