A true pioneer of techno music in Finland, best known from his ultra-minimal style. The other half of Pan sonic, also releasing lots of solo work.

Mika started DJing back in 1985. In 1989 he formed Hyperdelic Housers with Tommi Grönlund and Esko Routamaa. The group organized the first illegal rave parties in Finland, as well as some larger events accompanying big rock festivals.

In 1991 Mr.Vainio and Pertti Grönholm released what are considered the first finnish techno records under the alias Corporate 09. After that, the first Finnish underground techno label Sähkö Recordings became the outlet for Mika's music. Ø (for Ohm) was the alias he most commonly used, and became the one he is best known by.

Soon Mika became internationally known, especially for his Pan sonic project with Ilpo Väisänen. Artists such as Björk (whose song Headphones Mika later remixed) declared themselves as his fans.

Thanks to his "fame", Mika is nowadays able to release more records. He has done so on various different labels, having abandoned his Ø pseudonym and mostly using his real name. His musical style has evolved into an even more experimental direction. While his older releases such as the Metri CD were mostly four on the floor techno with more minimalistic sounds than usual, his later works such as the Onko album (on a British Touch label) completely abandon the typical song structure and are purely experimental works of art.

A full discography is available at:

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