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In the continuity of the Stargate SG-1 television series, Sutekh (aka Set, Seth, Setesh) is the only Goa'uld to have remained at large on Earth following the rebellion against Ra. Through the centuries, he had built several cults around himself, using Goa'uld technology to maintain absolute control over his followers. In the third season episode Seth, SG-1 (with the aid of the Tok'ra Selmac) finally put an end to his latest cult, as well as to Seth hmself.

Source: Stargate SG-1 television series, produced by MGM.
An electronic music artist from the United States.

Sutekh is Seth Horvitz, who resides in Oakland and has a degree in cognitive science. He started releasing records in 1997, and has since appeared on respectable labels such as Mille Plateaux / Force Inc. and Plug Research.

Sutekh produces various styles of music, ranging from (old) Pan sonic -like clicking minimalism to more accessible house and techno, using many different methods ranging from field recordings and analog synths to digital processing. In addition to producing, Horvitz has also been a resident DJ for the Static club in San Fransisco since the start of his career, and has also hosted a radio show. In 1999 he formed his own label Context (http://www.context.fm/).

For good examples of Sutekh's music, I recommend the Periods Make Sense album (Force Inc.) as well as the EP Obvious Solutions to Everyday Problems (Background Records).

In the Doctor Who episode Pyramids of Mars, Sutekh is the last of the Osirians, and ancient advanced extraterrestrial race. Sutekh was imprisoned on Earth by his brother Horus after he had gone on a destructive rampage across the galaxy. His prison was powered by a pyramid on Mars, hence the title. Sutekh was evil, dedicated to the enslavement and death of others.

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