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An electronic music artist from Cologne, Germany. Known for his minimal "Cologne-techno" characterized by blunt and repetitive figures and unexpected sounds/effects. He always pushes the envelope further, sometimes by borrowing elements from other genres like jazz, making his every new record sound fresh and exciting.

Before becoming a master of minimalism, Brinkmann was involved in different types of art, ranging from acoustics to visual art. He was also into experimental electronic music way back in the 70s. His experiments included for example cutting records with a knife to form monotone sequences.

Brinkmann says the got bored at music in the 80s, and concentrated on other art projects instead. What got him back was hearing the Studio 1 releases by Wolfgang Voigt, and Ritchie Hawtin's Concept project. He paid homage to them by remixing them using a self-designed two tonearm turntable. The two arms playing the track simultaneously from two different positions extract previously nonexistent patterns from the music.

Although Brinkmann is also into creating music which forms geometrical pictures on the vinyl, he is certainly not limited to technological gimmicks and remixes. In the past few years, he has released a large amount of original material on several self-run labels such as Max, Ernst and Max Ernst & Freunde. Thomas sometimes uses the Ester Brinkmann alias, which is a homage to his dead sister. (whose name was actually Eshter, by the way)

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