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An electronic music artist from Cologne, Germany.
Best known under the alias Mike Ink. Other pseudonyms of past and present include Gas, M:I:5, Vinyl Countdown, Love Inc., Dextro N.R.G., Formicula, Science Wonder, Grungerman, Dom, Filter and many more.

Being one of the people counted to be in The Brotherhood of Structure, Wolfgang has been in the scene since 1991. His earlier releases were pure acid, but from 1994 his style has evolved into very unique dry minimalism. He is not limited to a single sub-genre though, and constantly creates fresh and interesting records.

Voigt runs a large amount of his own labels, most notable being Profan and its sub-labels Studio 1 & Auftrieb. He also releases stuff on the Force Inc. sub-label Mille Plateaux and was involved with the acclaimed 20' to 2000 project.

Check out the full discography with cover art at:

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