another child's handgame. participants sit in a circle, each laying their right hand atop their neighbor's left (both players face palms up) until the entire circle has hands overlapping with all lefts underneath and all rights on top. the starter begins to sing the song and 'slaps' the next player's hand on the first 'down'. on each beat afterwards, the slap is passed on. on the final beat "POW!" the player who has the slap tries as hard to 'catch' in time the next in the chain. if they hit the other's hand, the hit player is out. if they miss, the slapper is out. the song then resumes until one player is left the winner.

Down, down, baby,
down by the roller coaster,
sweet, sweet baby,
i don't wanna let ya go,
chewy chewy coconut,
chewy chewy POW!

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