Such a great band deserves a more extensive writeup.

Imagine Stairway to Heaven, sung as a duet by Bob Marley and Elvis Presley.

  • BM: De-aahs a laady who nos, all dat glittahs is gold..
  • EP: aaaand sheees baaaahing a stairway.. to .. heh-ven!

It grows on you.

The original Dread Zeppelin were:

Their first gig was January 8, 1989 (Elvis's B-Day)

Their first album Un-Led-Ed, was released 1990, and included "Heartbreaker (at the End of Lonely Street)", combining a Led Zeppelin song with an Elvis song. Apparently, after hearing this first album, Robert Plant himself said he prefers Dread Zeppelin's version of "Your Time Is Gonna Come" to the original.

Like many bands, the members left and and came back during the next 11 years. They are still playing and recording.


Info collected throughout the internet, most notably

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