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I was an employee of WalMart (not in RL, thank god). I steal a whole truckload of stuff from them, but for some reason everything I stole was virtually worthless. I have to take it to my fence, who I agreed to meet at my church (for some inexplicable reason). Cars keep driving by on the road where we are, and being the middle of the night, I am worried they might report this suspicious activity to the police. So we take the truck of junk to someones back yard, and elderly woman. I protest, wondering why this is any safer, as the old lady will probably report us anyany, and parking in her back yard is not exactly discrete. She assures me that the old lady knows about it, and doesn't care because she hates walmart anyway. She continues to pick through the stuff i'd brought (right about now I realize i've stolen mostly rusty old car parts), when...

I'm awakened by my cat who is making a disgusting coughing sound and threatening to throw up a hairball on my bed.
I was in Albuquerque, and I discovered that CowboyNeal was also living in Albuquerque with his dad, who was a Country-listening America-loving Texan redneck, the sort who would rather rebuild the engine in his truck than flush the toilet correctly. Well, I decided to meet up with CowboyNeal RL, so I went to his "house" (a trailer, but somehow with a garage) and his dad told me, "Sorry, but my li'l cowboy is gettin' them there eyes of him checked at the... the, uh... the gynecologist or whatever. Couldja do me a favor and pick him up for me at 3:00?" I agreed to this, got lost, and spent the next five hours trying to find him.

Eventually I caught up with him (back at his dad's trailer), and we went into the...basement...where the characters in That 70's Show were sitting on a couch. We'd all been buds in #everything for a long time (even though the year was 1975), but none of them recognized me until I introduced myself. The dim-witted characters' responses were, of course, on the order of "I thought you were a girl!" to which my response was "I am; haven't you ever read any of my nodes?" Eric (the main character) and I discussed the future for a while, since both of us were really from the late 1990s and were just trying to fit in, while his sister (who was from that time period) listened in and occasionally made dumb bimbo comments.

Bernard had always wanted to kill me and I wondered why I'd never been able to see it before. The plans were in his locker as well as the poison. The locker threatened to tip over and crush me and I didn't like that very much either.

I was living in a condo on the top floor of a high rise building (I live in a house).

My ownly neighbours on the floor were the couple who live next door to me (in real life), and a restaurant.

I had to keep walking between the tables in the restaurant to get from the elevator to my front door. Then the neighbours stopped by, all smily faced, to tell me that they were getting divorced! The rest of the dream we me being awkward around both of them and excusing myself as I walked between the people seated in the restaurant.

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