I am doing this too much, because I have now dreamt of noding. I was counting up the different identities I had and kept stumbling across new ones. I think there were twelve or thirteen by the end. Something to do with an atlas of the world too.
I was awaiting a verdict. Three or five offences, for each of which either I would be shot or I would receive some severe but lesser ticking-off. Someone else was with me in the same boat. The judge, or perhaps she was just a clerk of the court, had slips of paper with the verdicts. She was dressed in a uniform but this wasn't in open court, just in a kind of antechamber. She was quite casual about it.

I asked "Is it...?" and she confirmed yes, and gave three times half an hour apart, one for each offence. I was so tense I couldn't bring myself to ask again, though I didn't know what she had confirmed. Was it to be death? Against this, I reasoned, was the fact that they were unlikely to appoint three separate times for it.

I prepared myself for the worst, and reflected soberly on how wrong the death penalty was in a civilized country. How could they? What was going on here, had we been taken over by a totalitarian régime? I thought of Johnson's "when a man is to be hanged... it concentrates his mind wonderfully".

I don't know whether these two scenes were connected, or which came first.

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A dream fragment (not long, but interesting enough to be put here):

I saw one small picture. It was a cartoon-style drawing that was taken from some magazine - it had a woman, some kids and furry-style animals. Some prankster had added labels to the picture, after E2 users - the woman was some high-level female user, a cat was named after some user who had "cat" as part of the name, and the big, brown dog in the picture was... well, "WWWWolf" =)

One dream I had was like some sort of sci-fi/fantasy movie. I was thinking I was in The Fifth Element, except it wasn't very similar to that movie. All I remember about it was that it was the best movie ever, and I was wishing they would make it into a series.

Another dream I had involved tftv256 finding out my root password and fucking up my system. The character set was sort of messed up, like what sometimes happens when cat'ing a binary file but to a lesser degree. Also, my window manager had been changed to something that looked like a very strange configuration of twm, specially designed to annoy me. I was in a room with lots of other computers, and people at the computers playing some game. I wanted to play the game, but I couldn't because lots of my graphics libs were messed up. And of course he had changed my root password. Stupid tftv256. I'll have to get him back for that.
I kept throwing up.

The weird thing is, I didn't feel at all queasy or ill. But I spewed on the carpet (whose?) and decided what the hell, once I'm cleaning this little patch I may as well get down on my hands and knees and scrub the whole damned thing, wall to wall and plush and thick and all.

Throwing up and cleaning carpets. Nothing significant, I hope.

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