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~ Sleeping on the back porch Mr Spock on stilts
looked over the wall and made it plain,
It would be much wiser for you to sleep in your own bed.
I picked up my pillow and went back to bed.

~Jeff and Sheree had a new business at the Mall
selling bathroom art. The horses out back had
gotten loose and my sister and I rode out to round
them up before thay got on the highway. Black
sheep dotted the dry fields and I stopped in at the
widowed farmer's wife for some food. Sitting
on a wooden chair in the yellow cramped kitchen,
old Russian men conspired in another room while
she took bread out of the oven. Dave Peck stopped
by to invite me to the drive in for a hamburger
and fries, I was surprised he remembered me.

~ The doorknob turned, rattled violently hard with a vengeance
I knew she would get though sooner or later.
Sobbing out loud on my knees, layering and pressing
in place brown packaging tape across the doorjamb
to buy more time.
There was a girl I went to high school with who ended up going to Wellesley while I was studying in Boston. She came to see me on what the Wellesley girls called "The Fuck Truck" and we had ice cream. My dream was a replay of that but with lots of new things. Like some part where we were sitting together outside of J.P. Licks and she turned to me and said "your penis is all wrinkley and ugly... will your face look like that when you get old?"

I said I didn't know. I also wondered how she knew what my junk looked like, since she'd never seen it.
I visit my boyfriend at his home, except it isn't his home in real life. It's in some city Connecticut, I guess New Haven, and it's on the water (small river or a domesticated bit of the sea). In the dream, he has two siblings much younger than he is but close to each other in age, a boy and a girl. We all go do their daily thing, which is to walk down to this metal grate thing over the river and go in and swim. But the water is brown like tea after milk and sugar has been added to it, and when his father (who also isn't his father in real life) goes in, he's got a wound and he bleeds into the water. This seems perfectly okay to them, but I stay on the grate and sort of just get splashed but don't go in. Then these men come, say "excuse us", and, lifting a part of the grate, adds jugs of chlorine to the water.

We go back to his house, which is big and comfortable and really interesting. There's a separate floor just for my boyfriend and all these gadgets, like the stairs up to his room have these wire storage baskets built into them. Also, the walls are painted solid colors like in some homes--the little girl's room is pink.

I'm home for a school vacation, but it's not really my home. My mother tells me that she's arranged some volunteering for me, two things that day. The first is to go take care of some kids, and the second is to help with a Girl Scout event. Both are Girl Scout related, and really official, so I have to wear my uniform. I'm looking at the vest, and it has most of my old stuff on it, with some new badges sewn on that I had earned but not sewn onto the vest. Except the pins are missing, so my mother gets them out from somewhere, and we pin them on where the holes are from when they were pinned on before.

I also had a sex dream, but I can't really remember anything about it.

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