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Had a couple of dreams last night, but only one I can really remember now.

I was at a cinema watching Inspector Gadget (!?!) when these commando guys burst through the ceiling trying to scare everyone. This was okay since everyone in the audience had been giving SA-80 weaponry upon entry into the cinema. No-one fired though, until I decided to fire upon this guy and he feigned death, and it occured to me that they were actors and we were all firing blanks.

Next this boss-guy came in and started complaining loudly that no-one was firing and what was the point of them putting on this charade if no-one joined in. I then fired at him and he gave his really boggy look. I think I woke up soon after that.
Dream Log: July 15, 2000 I rarely dream anymore but after watching the X-Men movie last night what can you expect?

I was in some kind of P.O.W. camp, from a war unnknown. I was there with all of my friends. Our single goal was to get out. Myself and some of my Police Academy buddies, lured some of the guards over to us, where we disarmed them and hid their bodies. We fought our way out of the camp, where we were faced with a man who was simply a giant. I do not remember how but I put him on the ground, and we walked over his battered bruised body. At this point I looked to my girlfriend, and the next thing I knew I was woke up by her snoring, she told me I was singing the GI Joe theme song.

- / +

  • The smell got to me and I threw up in the ditch, right on two people's shoes. Well what were they doing in the ditch?
  • Bad Andy had flown to the top of the glacier, and the media was crazy about it. Everyone sent up cameras and microphones remotely, but most of them crashed on the rocks. One got through, and I watched Bad Andy on tv, clinging to ice. The background receded and swam, the sky was brilliant blue.
  • Looking out the porthole we saw a fake spaceship outside. What the hell? It was an interesting concept, squat and rusted, clearly made from definite plane, not just some cardboard boxes taped together, this had taken time. Still, it was fake. Kelsey Grammer wouldn't believe me, the prick, so I went outside to prove it. He wouldn't go with me. "Be careful! Conserve your oxygen!" Sure thing, Frasier.

    Yep, fake. Nice job with the spray-paint rust spots. I went back inside and Kelsey Grammer was lying on the couch looking worn out. "While you were gone the most amazing thing happened, but I imagine you're as exhausted from your journey as I am from mine. There will be ample time later for tale-telling. Do you know what Caruso said about me, as we were wending back from the far reaches of the universe? He said I'd probably just saved the whole lot of it, you know, the universe and all, with, you know, my heroism and bravery and things. Ah, well, it's just as well you were preoccupied - I'm sure you would have helped, if you'd known."

  • Patrick was angry about the pencils, and then I noticed he was Jeffra. I couldn't believe they were letting him work with kids. It made me nauseous. I asked him not to yell at me, please, and he got livid. I walked away and talked to the kids instead. Come on, guys. There's like, four rules around here. See if you can keep one of them.
  • They had been cruel to her, and she was crying, and I just wanted to stay with her forever.
Preface: Last night, before falling asleep, I read "Das Engergi" by Paul Williams.

In my dream, I was still in bed, eyes dreary, finishing "Das Energi". However, in this dream version of the book, there were many more pages with different words. The page I was currently on contained a list of every bird in the world, starting with the owl, then the starling, then the peacock, etc. Then I slipped into a dream. I was standing with thousands of other people dressed exactly like myself: topless, in a grass skirt and Birkenstocks. We were gathered in a field so wide that no other landscape was visible: no houses, no rivers, no mountains, no trees. In the center of our circle was a huge mound of grass about ten feet tall and five feet wide. A beautiful woman was standing in the middle of the circle, arms outstretched with her long hair swinging in the breeze. She was half-singing, or half-speaking - I couldn't tell - in the most beautiful language I had ever heard. It was almost as if her words were a tangible force that came rolling out of her mouth, pouring over the group, making us sway back and forth in rhythmic unity. Then the woman reached into the haystack and pulled out an owl. She spoke to it for a moment, then held it high over her head and it flew away. she then pulled out a starling, and repeated the same action.

This dream faded, and I was suddenly at my friend August's house near Yreka, with my boyfriend and his friend Bill. We were packing our things to go home after a long visit, and I was frantically searching for my Birkenstocks which were nowhere to be found. I did find a sock, however. A small child's sock with pink, yellow, and bluck ducks on it. For some reason, I was fascinated with it, and spent what seemed like half an hour gazing at it, turning it over and feeling the texture.

Then I found myself in a red sports car with Thor, the brother of my childhood best friend, Terra. We were speeding down the middle of the same field I had been in before, without a road. Thor seemed to be bleeding profusely from several gun-shot wounds in his back. It was then I realized that I had shot him. But I had no idea how or why. Suddenly a house appeared on the horizon, and Thor drove straight for it, hands gripping the wheel and grimacing silently. My knuckles turned white as I grabbed the dashboard and we crashed into the house. I then found myself in the kitchen of the house, with no Thor and no car. There seemed to be no evidence of the crash. The guest stopped their talking, and stared silently at me. I then seemed to be in a panicked frenzy, crying out to these people that I was a good person, and had done nothing wrong, that they had to believe me. No one moved or talked as I cried and hollered my innocence. They continued to stare me down. I recognized one of the women as my second grade teacher, Mrs. Jordon. I ran over to her and fell down at her feet crying "You remember me!!! I am a good person, I would never do anything wrong!"

I then found myself in a strange coffee shop with a bunch of people who I knew to be my friends, but I had no idea who they were. They were talking, but I couldn't quite hear what they wre saying and my eyes were drawn to the capuccino maker. It was made entirely of terra-cotta. It was then I noticed that EVERYTHING in the shop was made of terra-cotta: the counteres, the floor, the lights, the shelves, the cups. Everything. I reached out and touched the cappuccino maker. It was smooth and cold and absolutely wonderful. I touched it again, mesmerized by the feeling of earth. I managed to pull myself away and walk outside. The streets were paved with cobblestones made of terra-cotta, as were the sidewalks, the buildings, and even the lampposts. On each corner was a sign made out of terra-cotta that said: "Ducks have mail."

Then I was back in bed, having "fallen asleep" while reading "Das Energi," still on the page with all the birds. I rubbed my eyes and continued reading.

Then I woke up.

Foreign lands

I woke up and found myself in an airport in a foreign country. From the ethnicity of the people and the signs all over the airport I could narrow it down to China or Japan. I jumped on a bus that was heading out. I turned behind to talk to a couple and asked "Japan?" At first the woman looked at her partner then started speaking. From the body language I could work out she didn't know what I meant. Then she paused and realised what I asked, she shook her head and said, "China"

I shook my head and rewarded the couple with a smile. The journey didn't seem to take too long because we had already arrived in the city. For some reason I felt that this place was Hong Kong instinctively. I made my way to shop to find someone who might speak English. There were two shop assistants one at a till and another waiting to attend customers. I asked the shop assistant on the till could I catch an international flight from the airport. She asked me where I was going and I said the "UK" after which she replied that the airport no longer flew international flights. She continued to say that I would have to in fact return back to the airport I had came from.

After speaking to her for a while I realised that she was a Filipino so then we started speaking about her family. Apparently one of her cousins would be coming over to visit her. What I thought was strange was that her cousin had the same name as my cousin family nick name "Chinky". Now I tried to ask her more question about her cousin, I thought that we might be related.

The shop assistant became suspicious and started to clam up. The other assistant came over and tried to reassure her that I was okay. For some reason this meant I had to give her a kiss on the cheek. Before I left I gave them both kisses on their cheeks and the shop assistant on the till still looked at me with distrustful eyes.

I made why way to McDonald's which was a sight for sore eyes in a foreign country. As I walked inside I noticed a group of punks, at which point I'd like to point out their were of Caucasian descent (again think where I am). They looked at me for a second then looked away. I think the one with the fluorescent pink mohekhan(sp?) was the leader. I heard a noise from outside of the restaurant and turned around. There were more punks head butting the windows.

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