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  Okay, maybe I've been playing too much Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest lately. My dream involves it.

  I am playing Mystic Quest, with a five-person party (which you are normally not allowed to have) consisting of the main character, (who was named Seth, but that's not what I named him in reality; I really named him Bartz.) of course. He's always there. I get into a battle against Mummies.

  I decide to use magic. I open Seth's magic menu and scroll through the list: White Magic, which I could hurt them with since they are undead. Black Magic... hmm, aha! Wizard Magic! Thunder, White, ...what's this? The other two spells are "Drink" and "Blipsy-blan-ploo". Blipsy-blan-ploo? That doesn't even make sense. It could do anything. I decide to use it and have Tristam use Drink.

  Blipsy-blan-ploo causes Seth to fly around the screen wildly before fainting. Drink causes the entire party to get drunk. This includes Tristam, Kaeli, Reuben, and Phoebe, excluding Seth, who was obviously inebriated already.

  After I am forced to retreat from the battle, I realize where I was fighting: Aquaria. The peaceful town. How I got in a fight there is beyond me. The credits roll.

  Wait, what? I haven't even been able to defeat Dark King yet! Why's it over? (I have beaten the game before, and what kind of a name is Dark King?)

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