strange night in dreamland..

i know there was more to this, to these dreams, i just can't place it exactly.. unfortunately, as i was waking up i had a semi-awake dream that i was actually writing it all down, but i was really drifting in and out of sleepy town. and so, whilst i can not list too many details, i can place the basics here for the sake of my memory (it's low on storage space), and anyone who might care to partake in reading such stuff.

we were working, on random things in a classroom, it appeared to be much like a one room school house, but modern. i didn't know any of the children there, nameless faces, sometimes even faceless. randoms. they milled about as the teacher muttered "orders", instructions, and they listened to every last word, took it as gospel. i think it was a christian school.. this comes into play, later, or as the case may be, now.

she ushered us to our seats and explained that there was a war approaching our location. i thought this was odd, because when does canada ever really get involved in any sort of war, especially *in* canada. she went on to tell us that we'd be remaining where we were, and if god wanted to save us we'd live, and if not, we'd all die. she was calm about this, as were the masses, however i had a few serious issues and decided a hasty departure would be necessary. for some reason, though, i didn't think i'd be able to get away from her.. she seemed intent on keeping us all there despite impending doom. i decided to create a reason for me to go outside.. what i did:

i chewed up a whole bunch of something
that had to be a combination of marshamllow
and a hard candyish shell, because it made
a really gross foam'y mess in my mouth and i
pretended that i needed to throw it up,
thusly giving me reason to go outside..

so, i "throw up" this stuff that was actually just in my mouth.. there was a lot of it, whatever it might have been, way more than i could have actually fit into my mouth. (possibly about 20 times more than would really fit in there..) i take off running from the outside of the building and she seemed irritated but made no attempt to retrieve me. i then proceeded to look for my little brother, whom i found out on a soccer field with a bunch of other people who seemed oblivious to the approach warfare. i waited for him to finish his game as not to attract attention, but knew that he had seen me.. so when he came over we took off together towards the furthest back areas of the fields behind the school. his suv was parked out there, and we were going to hide in it i think, but at that point i woke up, annoyed but relatively amused.
We had recently finished a show or something, this band I was in. Two guys I didn't know and the guy I'm currently dating - we were standing on a stage that looked really messy and dingy. It became dark all of a sudden and it felt like we were in some scary movie. Everyone disappeared except for me and this guy. He's looking around for his ex-girlfriend because she was there a few minutes before, although I don't recall ever seeing her. Suddenly she comes scurrying - literally crawling but in fast forward - and darts across this courtyard type place. We both get really frightened and begin running down these empty alleys and streets, only very dim lights illuminating our way.

I make it back to my apartment. Scott (the guy) knocks on my door but looks totally different. His hair is suddenly long and he's very tall and thin. "What the fuck?" I ask, and I suddenly understand it's like in Being John Malkovich and he's just in someone else's body. He goes and takes a bath with a blanket draped over the tub while I nervously look around the apartment, frightened the strange ex-girlfriend would return. Scary music starts playing, like a scene in a movie that you know is about to reach some climax. I look over at Scott and I notice he's got these really long teeth, but in a few places they're broken off like he's only dressed up in some costume and not really in another person's body.

I get really pissed and open my mouth wide and all my teeth come shattering out. Freaking out, I run outside, but suddenly realize I contain all this magical power and it was really myself creating all these things. There's these people surrounding themselves with a ton of regular little colorful balloons lifted a few feet off the ground putting up some sign on my apartment building. Getting really angry, I begin blowing them away with my amazingly strong breath, like Superman, and everyone is blown away.

Oktoberfest at the Vatican

and we were invited! Strange double reality working in this dream: it was at the same time a film we were watching as well as the reality we were living. You watched it while it was happening; you lived it while you watched it.

There was a blonde woman with two daughters: I played the younger of the two.

Many scenes, but I only remember two.

  1. I was on the roof of the Vatican because the press of people and the intensity of the party was getting a bit too much for me. In the distance and the half light I could see Jackie Chan sitting on the roof as well. It was a huge roof, and he was far away. He was on the roof for the same reason I was. He stood, walked to the edge of the roof, and stepped into the rain gutter. It was a very wide gutter, about 3 feet wide, and he lay down in it. I found this alarming, because I'd seen the movie before, and wasn't sure whether the rain gutter was going to hold: I thought it might be the next scene, in which the rain gutter falls.

  2. Now I'm in a theater, watching Jackie Chan on the roof. The party has gotten to whatever comes after out of control. There is a fire, and many partygoers are in danger. I get up and say to my SO, "I have to go, because I save a lot people in this scene." If I don't go, they don't get saved. I have to get up on the roof. On the screen, Jackie steps into the rain gutter, and it gives way. The ankle of Jackie's pants gets caught in the gutter; the gutter hangs on by a nail. It careens dangerously in every direction. By extreme and comical gymnastics, Jackie gets back on the roof and down to the party where he starts saving lives.

  3. Walking down a street with whatshisname and an old lady says to him, "I've got a job for you, if you're tall enough and horny enough." He asks, "What is it?" She replies, "Just be here tomorrow with six bucks and your asshole in a paper bag." Me: "I don't like the sound of that." Him: "What the hell does that mean?" [His that referring to what the old lady said.]

  • No, you really do want to move your feet! They're just little bunches of bones! If you move them, then they'll have muscles and you'll be able to jump, like i do. Watch! Watch me jump! Point, flex, point.. See, feet are good - look at them move. No, don't hide them, learn to use them. You'll like it, i promise. Please?
  • What's that sound? What's that smell? What's that sound?
  • I am getting smaller and smaller as i get closer to the flower. Pretty soon, it's a landscape itself. My feet sink through the petal surface like walking on a million layers of damp tissue paper. Smells like it's waiting.
  • Don't take that or you will be against me. I will still be for you but you will be against me. I like you but - don't! I have to run away..

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