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Tonite I was with my old platoon from my time in the army - (we have conscription). We played some kind of paintball-like game, which was very similar to Quake but in real life. It was set in a maze of dark platforms and you could eliminate the others by pushing them into the water or by shooting them. I wonder why I started thinking of those guys! I remember being one of the three last left, when I accidently fell into the water. Grr.

I was supposed to get as much data off of a damaged CD as I could, and burn it onto a new one. Instead, I chewed on the edges of the CD until it wouldn't work anymore. Afterward I felt guilty for doing that.
I was walking down the street from my house with my sister at night. It wasn't quite the same street, though, it curved a different way, there were more trees along it, and there were streetlights.

It eventually occured to me that I was only wearing a T-shirt and shorts, not even any shoes, and it was getting very cold. Snow was appearing on the ground, out of nowhere. I wished I had dressed warmer. I didn't know where we were walking to, only that it was a long way away.

We turned the corner at the end of the street. Where an apartment complex used to be, there was now a large, heated pool. The girl I have a crush on was swimming in it, and invited me to jump in, but my sister stopped me.

My nightmare about George W. Bush getting elected recurred. Actually, I was looking at the results of some poll, which said that 130% of people were going to vote for Bush.

hax0r is an evil pokemon servant of this evil robot guy in my dream. His body consists of a small, rapidly spinning sphere with monomolecular wires protruding about its equator.
It's primary use is the reconstrustion of interrogation victims at the molecular level, thus allowing the evil robot guy to discover all our secrets.

  • Type: Monofilament Buzzsaw Pokemon
  • Height: 0.05m
  • Weight: 75g
Need I add that this was an extremely screwed-up dream? Also featuring was the world's first AI (you know, the one that spawns a race of machines that then go to war on our asses?), I got to have a look at its logs.
During a "nap" (falling asleep while studying math):

I'm taking my math and having trouble with one of the questions. Suddenly, an overly large guy comes into the room and kills the TA administering the exam. I look next to me and see a kid with red hair and a scar on his cheek. The kid flies into the air, yells something in japanese, and kills the overly large guy with his pencil. I woke up at this point.

This is what i get for falling alseep after watching "Kenshin" episodes while studying math. I'm pretty sure the dream actually had subtitles.

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