First album of British goth rock band The Cult, released 1984 on the Beggars Banquet label. In line with the band's largely Native American themes, the subject is taken from American cosmogony, although the concept is better known as Australian aboriginal.


  1. Horse Nation
  2. Spiritwalker
  3. 83rd Dream
  4. Butterflies
  5. Go West
  6. Gimmick
  7. A Flower In The Desert
  8. Dreamtime
  9. Rider In The Snow
  10. Bad Medicine Waltz

Dreamtime is often overlooked as a classic Cult album. It is, however, perhaps the most interesting one in their discography and musically more varied than the rest. Although fundamentally a post-punk work of the gothic subgenre ("gothic" being far from mainstream in 1984), its influences are definitely older and include things like Hendrix and Zeppelin. The classic rock subcurrents make it different from most albums of the same era and set it apart from the Lou Reed following crowd that dominated the scene.

At least one edition of the album includes three bonus tracks from the band's earlier work: Bonebag, Sea and Sky, and Resurrection Joe.

The best tracks from this album, subjectively speaking, are Dreamtime, Spiritwalker and Bad Medicine Waltz. Of the bonus tracks, Bonebag is strangely appealing.

I definitely recommend this album if you liked Love but you'll find it very different from their later dinosaur rock albums, starting with Electric. If your tastes include things like Fields of the Nephilim and Christian Death you'll probably seriously appreciate this album.

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