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The Dreamtime is the name given to the period of time when the land was first created--back beyond human reckoning, when the Aboriginal people of what would become known as Australia began establishing their independence and their individuality. For tens of thousands of years, the Aboriginal people lived in scattered groups across Australia with most of the legends being indigenous to only particular local interest. As the result of similar questions regarding the world around them, there are many similar Aboriginal legends explaining such things as how the sun came to be in the sky. The following is from the area now known as Central Victoria

Early in the Dreamtime, the sun did not shine.
There was a woman, who, because she could not marry the man of her choice, decided to leave her group. She would not listen to reason.

After travelling a long way, she hid in a dry and rocky area, where there was little food or water and no good place to sleep. Despite the hunger and thirst, she would not give up and return. And then, as she saw men from her group approaching to take her back by force, she ran even further, to the most barren part of the land.

Exhausted and near death, torn and bruised by branches and rocks, she still managed to keep going.

And then, with great concern, her ancester spirits lifted her gently into a safe and quiet place in the sky world.

Having slept soundly for a long time, she awoke to find plenty of food and water. She lit a camp fire and although alone, found herself not afraid but grateful that she was now warm and safe. She was still determined, however, to live alone forever rather than return to her group.

As she looked down on her group, she saw that most of the men and women were sad that she had gone and began to relinquish some of her resentment. Her heart began to soften and within a few days, found she was feeling quite homesick.

She was part of the sky world now and no longer able to return.

"What shall I do?" she asked herself. "I cannot go back and yet I would like to help them." She saw, then, how she could help. Her people were cold but occupied with all the chores of daily life, could not sit by fire, as she could, and keep warm.

"I will build up my fire. I will make it so big that it will warm the busy people people down below."

All day she gave warmth to her people and as night came, she let the fire die down, because then they were able to sit by their own fires.

Upon seeing that this not only pleased but helped her people, she made up her mind to light her fire every day. Soon, the people began to look each day for the sky world fire. Grateful for the warmth, they called it 'the sun'.

Exiled from her people forever, the lonely years for the young woman were long, but it was a joy to her that she could shine her warmth on them each day.

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