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I dreamt about my step-cousin again.

It was out of the blue, my parents had decided we were going to visit my grandmother. This involved packing clothes for more than a few days, something at which I tend to suck. Not noticing it until a few hours after we arrive at my grandmother's, I hadn't even packed clothes enough for one day's change.
I wasn't too happy.

Then I discovered that my step-cousin was also visiting. This was great news to me. I hadn't seen her in a rather long time, and I very much missed her.

I never got to spend any time with her.
She and my brother had gone out into the woods behind my grandmother's house while I was probably in the bathroom or some such nonsense, because I did not join them.

Later on, they came back, again without my knowledge. When I eventually realized they had returned, I went up to see her. She was laying on the floor in one of the upstairs bedrooms, watching TV. My brother was sitting on a bed.

She was too interested in the show to listen to anything I had to say, and kept complaining about her legs, which she had apparently injured during the trip through the woods.

The next morning, my brother and I are downstairs alone, preparing breakfast. Some comment he says sparks my anger. "I can't believe you broke my Janet" was one comment that I remember saying, while throwing my bowl of cereal at him. I also recall swearing at him in many tongues, something which I have never done to anyone

I ran out the back door, and ran into the woods. Tried to find a shelter I had once built as a little kid, and couldn't. I cried myself to sleep underneath a giant boulder.

Then I woke up.

I stand in a completely windowless, lightless white room (how it is white without light I cannot answer).I stand at one end, wearing a red robe. There are thousands of people lined up shoulder to shoulder from one end to of the room to the other in front of me. These are not ordinary people, though, oh no. THese people have absolutely no facial features - no hair, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, nothing. They where white robes, exactly the same colour as the room, meaning I can only see their heads and hands.

I walk up to one and lick its "head". Instantly it turns into my Mum and starts lecturing me, so I promptly rip its head off. I walk to another one, lick it, it turns into my Dad and starts yelling at me. Off with his head! The third lick turned out to be my best friend Tom who started annoying the shit out of me. I was beggining to like the job as executor. The process went on and on until they weren't shoulder to shoulder any more. The final one I licked turned into my friend amy. Instantly I shoved my tounge down her throat and we dropped to the ground. Soon we began to copulate.

It wasn't long before Darth Vader levitated in through the ceiling in his black suit. We finished copulating and stood up. Darth kindly asked us to help him with his licking, so we did, and soon we turned all the remaining featureless things into stormtroopers. Then Darth said "Let's party like its 19999!" (yes, 19999, its not a typo), and with his mythical Dark Jedi powers brought a Disco Ball levitating through the ceiling, instantly turning the bland white room into a funky, retro Disco.

Darth proved quite the break dancer showing off his grooves on the dance floor. The stormtroopers grooved pretty well too, but not as good as Darth who was now spinning on his head. Suddenly in levitates Luke Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi. Darth jumps up and pulls out a large gold chain with a medallion on the end, Obi-wan and Luke pulled out silver ones. They all donned them and then began having a break dancing contest. I wish I'd found out the winner, but I woke up before then.

I was a chinese princess, beautiful, dressed in extravagant silk robes.

I was alone in a tatami room, and I'd just had an argument with my father or something, some kind of state (the state was California, which was weird) policy -- and I knew that opposing him would lead to my death. I was aware of some other female character, some kind of advisor, that agreed with me but could not sway my father.

I was alone in the room, and various people came to kill me. Each one failed; I wish that I remembered this part of the dream. Some died, some were simply outsmarted.

The last one was a knife throwing expert -- a man of indeterminate age. He came in and threw blade after blade with unerring accuracy, to show that he could kill me at any time. He wanted me to be prepared for my fate, though. I asked if he was going to throw the knife at my throat.

He said yes.

I said, "Then throw it at the back of my neck. When you sever my spinal cord, death will be instant and painless."

He agreed.

I turned my back to him, trembling and terrified. Instead of the shock of death, he approached me from behind and whispered in my ear. "Your love is waiting for you," the voice whispered, as it pushed the knife in just behind my right shoulder blade. I don't know why, but I knew I had to be wounded in order to make my escape, so I knew the knife-thrower was an ally. My shoulder blade hurt horribly (I can still feel the pain even as I write this), and I was crying -- not in pain, but out of longing for my love, the female conspirator who'd saved my life. I saw her face in my mind and wanted desperately to be with her. I clung to the knife thrower and awoke, still crying grateful tears, still needing to be with my love. I cannot adequately describe this feeling, but it was cleansing in its purity and intensity.

Is that what being in love feels like?

John was here in Pittsburgh. He told me I needed a haircut. I told him he needed to grow some hair. He told me I needed to play more video games, and I agreed. [Incidentally, I have just now recieved a piece of email from John, sent some time last night. I suspect psychic interference.]

I know there was a second dream.

A stout pillar covered in monitors. On one of them is a nice girl with long black hair and a name that starts with "k" (or maybe "K"?) -- perhaps someone I had seen before -- and I'm talking to her while my wife is around the corner. My wife has long blonde hair (a la Lori from Goats) and her name starts with "C." Oh yeah, and I'm Nick Cage, and this is an action movie.

Some stuff happens that I don't remember. Probably zombies involved. In the end, my wife is dead in the back seat of a white suburban, the police are handling everything, and I'm on my way to dinner with k.

Except, as we're driving in some parking garage at some high school, I realize that it was too dark to actually see a body in the back seat, and by now C must be a zombie on the rampage. Awesome car chase with the suburban and some sports car. The police chief abandons me, I leave k some place safe and head off to steal a car and finish this on my own.

So I'm on top of an old gray van, trying to get the driver to let me inside and follow that zombie. I may have punched through the roof and started strangling him. He points toward the driver-side window for some reason. I kill him in a very intense, yet morally ambiguous scene. We make some spectacular manuver involving changing directions at an overpass at about the time when I wake up.

I went to bed last night without pajamas; that's right, I slept in my birthday suit. Something in my unconscious mind carried this over into my dreams, as I spent several hours of dream-time running naked through the streets of Denverdelphia, chasing after a ball from the Airxonix game I've been addicted to lately.

I missed my morning class; so far, I've missed all my morning classes, actually. This is Not Good™.

I was working in an electronics store when this robber comes in. I can't remember how we stopped him, but this other employee and I somehow stopped him. And then the manager came to talk to us. He said as a reward we could have anything we wanted from the store as a reward as often as we wanted to take something. And I looked around the store and there wasn't anything that I wanted until all of a sudden I knew what I had to have! I took an HP48GX calculator from the glass counter and I was so excited! I was really disappointed when I realized I didn't actually have one :(

I wouldn't have bothered to type up such an uninteresting dream but it's the first dream I can remember having in an entire year. Maybe more. I just haven't been remembering my dreams :( And it makes me sad.

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