Driving games are played when a group of friends are in a car. Usually there is no prize except for the entertainment value while on the road. Here is a short list of driving games me and my friends have played.
  • Punch buggy - When an old style VW Beetle is spotted, the first person to see it will turn to someone, punch them in the arm and shout 'Punch buggy' and must name the color of the Beetle. example: "Punch buggy blue!"
  • COP! - The object of the game is to immediately shout 'COP!' when a police patrol car is visible.
  • England - In the US, the driver of the car will pick a time to drive on the left side of the road. This will continue until the last passenger of the vehicle yells out 'England'. To the drivers out there... Ok, here's the thing, please don't fucking do this. when its not safe.
  • Cowboy - Similar to calling shotgun. The first passenger to say cowboy gets to ride in the front seat. It is common for someone to counter this by yelling indian! and reaching the front seat first, twarting the first person saying cowboy.
  • Plates - Boring. The object of the game is to find license plates from different states.
  • I Spy - "I spy with my little eye... something that is $adjective" - Boring. The object of the game is for the caller to spot an object, give a one work description of it and have the players guess what the object is. example: "I see something that is... red!" - Players yell out things they see that are red.
  • Yellow light/red light - When the car goes under a yellow light, you tap the dashboard with your hand. When the car runs a red light, you place your hand on the ceiling of the car.

Please add your own driving games!

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