"Drunken War is coming - Drunken War is pissed - We are the fresh bullet holes in your chest
Outside the percentage - outside the law - we are the snakes in your precious rat's nest"

-Drunken War

  Drunken War is a punk band from Ithaca, NY. They have an old-school style that is a slow punk and heavy metal blend with grating angry vocals and heavily distorted guitar; they have been compared to bands like the Subhumans and Aus Rotten. Drunken War's first album, called 'Armageddon On Tap', was released on Useless Umlaut Records in 2001. Drunken war is a very political band with songs like 'Back To War' which is a call to revolution but they are not all politics they also have songs like 'So Close And Yet So Far' which is about being underage in a bar.

  Drunken War was created in 1998 because singer/guitarist Sam Awry was informed that his band was opening for a touring punk band; he threw together a band and wrote some songs and played their first show in less than a month. Awry is the only remaining member of the original band. Drunken War is evidence of Sam's drive to revitalise the punk scene in Ithaca. "Any one that was intarested had left or was so disenchanted that no one went out and did anything." The punk scene in ithaca was basically reborn under Drunken War's leadership and drive. Drunken War has brought to Ithaca some of the punk rock greats such as Vice Squad and Chaos UK.

Sam Awry (guitar/vocals)

Aaron Smith (bass)

Squabble (drums)

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