The Nowhere Boys (often just TNB) are a close knit group of punks from Ithaca, NY. Our symbol is two gears with nine cogs each interlocking and many of us, myself included have it tattooed over our hearts (some people have them in other places). Each set of gears is customized to reflect on the individual. The Nowhere Boys have been called that since the early 90's but we have known each other forever, our name was given by Jesse Nowhere, who has since moved away. Although the name includes the word boys we are not gender specific there are and always will be girls in the ranks of The Nowhere Boys. I would trust any Nowhere Boy to have my back in any situation and in many rough scrapes they have proven themselves to be the most loyal and trustworthy friends anyone could ask for. During performances of The Nowhere Boys a bunch of us always jump up on stage and sing the chorus.

The Nowhere Boys - Drunken War - Armageddon On Tap Useless Umlaut Records - 2000

When the sun sets without a sound
It's time for the kids to go downtown
With a taste for blood and a lust for booze
Filled with promise
Born to lose
It was a magic time when we stood together
With a 40-ounce and black leather

We will never forget you (4x)
Jesse gave us our name
We're the nowhere boys and we're coming to town,
get out of our way or we'll mow you down

We rise above their shit with immunity
we drink together in unity
on the Fan Club porch or the A-Frame floor
Trioxin, I-Farm, Drunken War
old Stealth House, young Echo Base
Dining hall boss get off my case


Time went by and something changed,
all our lives got rearranged
a close to home drug overdose
a kid or a job on a far away coast
wherever we go, where are we now
we'll get back on the town somehow


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