For myself, and for the 5% of you who use and enjoy the Vim text editor, I have created a syntax file and a plugin file to facilitate using it to create writeups for Everything2. I hope there is some demand for this, based on the following:

If no one else is interested, well, I'll still use it.

Acquisition and Installation

The files involved in this plugin total about 10K. You can get them from the following places:

  • I shelled out for fastmail email which also has some server space, so you can also get the plugin from
  • BlakJak is also generously hosting the goodies from his webserver in Australia:
  • And ascorbic is using his famous website to spread the love:

Many thanks to all my hosts!

The files should work on any Vim installation, but I've only tried it on my own machine. I recommend you install these files in your home directory rather than futzing around with the main Vim directory, which usually requires admin rights and gets overwritten when you upgrade or reinstall Vim.

Installation instructions used to be here. Now they're in the included README. You may also want to STFW, as it can provide you with a lot of information about Vim in general.

Versions and Features

  • July 30, 2004: v0.2
    • A spiffy new README file. As if anyone reads them.
    • Maps for some special HTML characters, mostly accents.
    • A more robust command for creating links.
    • Changes to the command triggers.
  • July 13, 2004: Initial release, v0.1
    • Syntax coloring for HTML tags supported by e2 and HTML special characters, and for e2 links. Syntax colors make use of Vim's error coloring to make ill-formed HTML and unclosed e2 links obvious; HTML tags not supported by e2 remain uncolored.
    • Link searching; the filetype plugin uses the E2 XML interface to give you the results of a search on e2, within Vim.
    • For now, just one link macro to make linking quicker.


See the included README for information on usage.

Enjoy. Please /msg me with suggestions, bug reports, installation problems, etc. I intend to keep adding to this so feature requests are welcome as well. And tell me if you like it! I need some validation here, since I'm not sure if this is just a harebrained idea or not.

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