Guitar chords: E sixth

O    O
|||1|| 1st fret

1 : E
3 : G#
5 : B
6 : C#

the E6 developing process

The E6 is a photographic process that develops color positive film (i.e slide film), so it is resistant to light, and so it can be projected onto screens or scanned.

The E6 is a development from the original Kodak E2. E3 and E4 processes. These original processes needed a number of baths (First Developer, Reversal, Colour Developer, Conditioner , Bleach , Fix , and Stabiliser baths).

The E6 has shorter processor times, and has several "shortcuts" to allow the use of less baths. However, the highest quality and permanency requires the need of all these baths.

There is no difference in process whether the film to be developed is 135 (35mm), 110 or APS film

The E6 process also known as AP 44 (Agfa) and CR 56 (Fuji)

Other processes:


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