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A bitter_engineer announced today that EDB Topology is to be added to the list of electives at Everything University. This course of study is being offered because of the increased interest in anomalous spatial orientations in the vicinity of the EDB.

The most pressing question posed in this new field is: How can the EDB swallow itself? It should be impossible to accomplish in three-dimensional space, yet this phenomenon has been reliably demonstrated several times over, including once as witnessed by this reporter.

Reactions to the occurrence an EDB implosion, a term coined by thefez vary greatly. An event such as this is so mind-boggling, even the hardiest of veterans can be dislodged. At the scene of the latest occurrence just a few hours ago, ideath was reported as saying, "Oh my gak!"

Some Anonymous Cowards have rumored that the class has been started in an effort to recruit fodder for the hazardous area around EDB. The management denies this allegation.

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