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Blessed: ThePope for his excellent Academy Award nodes.

Killed: tomed's writeup in Omaha. A "See Also" node.

Killed: tkennedy's writeup in Minor Threat. Total Content: "sometimes good guys don't wear white. minor threat is punk rock. screw you if you don't agree. xxx originators." I straightedged this one without mercy.

Killed: tkennedy's writeup in lost. Total Content: "when you aren't there". Vastly outperformed by the other writeups.

Killed: x o r's writeup in linus torvalds' tadger. It said: Eddie:"But I just want to see Linus Torvalds' tadger!" fridge falls on head (appologies to A.Edmondson and R.Mayall...hehehe) Why, yes, that's completely idiotic! Thanks so much! Deleted the nodeshell, unsurprisingly.

Killed: x o r's writeup in fridge falls on head. Linkless gibberish. Deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: x o r's writeup in Eric Cantona It mainly just repeated Mr. Cantona's name over and over.

Glared at: Rollo's writeup in Eric Cantona. I guess he plays soccer, but I can't tell much else.

Killed: x o r's writeup in meta-meta. Total Content: "meta-meta. exactly. from physics to meta-physics to meta-meta. oh very funny. this is the joke." Coulda fooled me...

Killed: x o r's writeup (detect a pattern here?) in stools. Total Content: "sometimes its green, sometimes is greeny-brown. (with appropriate appologies). With reverberations of victorian starched skirted school nurses. Embarrassed doctors. Multiparous big lumbering mothers - they dont mind. Its called habituation." No, it's called "Dumb as toast". But thanks for playing. Deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: x o r's writeup in fractionation. Linkless gibberish. For God's sake, people, DON'T NODE DRUNK!

Deleted users: Xebeche, gar0u, superegg2000, and x o r.

Killed: Dodobird's writeup in Sleeping? Just NFN. Deleted the nodeshell, too.

Killed: Bob Dole's writeup in magical thing. Total Content: "A magical thing is anything caused by magic, witchcraft, luck, or a spell." No, not exactly. Deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: Bob Dole's writeup in Jay Stile. User seems to be under the impression that the guy's dead. Methinks not. Deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: Bob Dole's writeup in Español. Three lines about Christina Aguilera do not a writeup make.

Well, this has been fun. Wait, wait...no, it hasn't.

Nuked JohnBaggins' writeup under rape: "A fun pastime if you're smart enough. It's becoming harder to get away with as hyper-sensitives like (name of a noder) are becoming mainstream. Younger girls tend to nofity the authorities less often." ...Sorry, pal, this isn't your private litterbox. Crap elsewhere.

Removed nihilium's addition to The Single Sickest Joke Ever because the management called at the end of the last writeup for no more jokes to be posted. ...Nothing personal.

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