They keep calling me:
  • ftp server by tonyhighton: "something used mostly to tranfer warez or mp3 to lusers computers"
  • tory by tonyhighton: "wankers"
  • musak by st3o: (empty writeup)
Killed: de10tion's writeup in Globe, Arizona... Hell on earth. Total Content: "the last 5 years of my life were spent in a hellish turmoil. i was a resident of globe, arizona *gasp* it is quite possible the WORST place in the world to live. for the love of God... dont ever go there" Aside from the almost total lack of both capitalization and information, it was at -8. Deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: writeups by UniDyne and UniDyne2 in Page 2. They were just links that belonged in the homenode. Suggested by sleeping wolf. Deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: yves klein's writeup in The Six of Almost Eight Steps to the Groove Jet. Gibberish. Lots and lots of gibberish. Deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: Ubermonkey's writeup in Caca. Total Content: "What is found inside the head of a guinea pig." If by "guinea pig" you meant "Ubermonkey", you might be right. Otherwise... no.

Deleted Users: de10tion and UniDyne2.

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