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October 26, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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How, by all the screaming demons of hell feasting upon the souls of children, does sensei manage to write new stuff about nodegel all the freakin' time? What can you say about it? It's sticky. It's gooey. There's nodes and users and dead flies stuck in it. (Mmmm, flies) How long's he been sick? When's he gettin' back? 'Cause I'm getting a mite tired of trying to find new things to say about the nodegel. SENSEI! Quitcher pneumonia and getcher arse back here afore I gots to whup yer butt.

Jeez. Slackers.

Killed: slappyjack's writeup in Campaign Contributions for Pat Buchanan. Total Content: "this is what should be called noding at its best". No, that's what should have been called a private /msg to the user.

Deleted Users: Legion.

Killed: slappyjack's writeup in doing something new! Primary Content: "FILL IN A NODESHELL!" Next time? Don't.

Killed: slappyjack's writeup in lemonbugg. Some valentine to a girl he knows. Deleted the nodeshell.

Mikey may be alive, but pop rocks and cola by wyked is now missing from all but the milk cartons of the noding world. This abomination unto the Gel included the choice explanation "Your friends will love it when tiny sugar coated fragments of the pop can shred their skin. FOOBAR!" ...Thanks, but we've already got an Anarchist Cookbook.

Maybe it's because I haven't had a drink in a few days; I'm not sure. But it seems to me that too many of us have lost the mission statement somewhere along the way.

I'm seeing more and more nonsense, bullshit, generally weird crap, bad fiction, bad poetry, bad formatting, misspelling, grammar errors, titles with no caps for proper nouns, and on and on. The most troubling thing is that I'm seeing more and more folks jumping in here with apparently no intention whatsoever of adding anything to the data base which would be considered permanent knowledge.

I heard someone on the radio the other day speaking about the idea of modern monks who would, on their own time, strive to write down what our culture has accomplished in order to save future cultures in the event of a disaster. He was comparing this effort to what the monks did prior to the Dark Ages so that the ideas of former civilizations were not lost and the wheel would not have to be reinvented. I thought of E2, and how we were all supposedly attempting something along these same lines.

I realize that it's a free online world in here, and the worst that can happen to your efforts is that someone deletes your writeup or jacks you down a few XP; but can we not get some sort of self-imposed guidelines going for us? How about this (which has always been a sort of rule of thumb for me, since I figured out what this was all supposed to be about):

For every self-indulgent or nonsensical thing you write here, you pledge to write at least one factual or well-researched idea or theory which would actually be useful to someone a hundred years from now?

Hello, folks; I'm Daniel Drucker, and today the gods have seen fit to bestow upon me the title Editor. My policy is essentially identical to knifegirl's: I kill things that contribute nothing.

My activity, I predict, will go in phases -- there'll be times when I let things slide, and other times -- whenever my latent OCD surfaces -- when I'll go on a killing rampage, slicing through the underbrush, clearing the way for the best and brightest to thrive.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to /msg me, or, if you like, email me at dmd@3e.org.


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