The Egyptians were a clever and curious race who invented many things that we still recognize today. They had very advanced ideas for the time about, medicine, measuring time, mathematics and astronomy.
The Egyptians were the first people to organize the year into 365 days and the days into 24 hours. The Egyptian year was divided like this: 10 days=1 week 3 weeks=1 month 4 months=1 season 3 seasons plus 5 holy days = 1 year

The Egyptians invented the "Water Clock". The Water Clock was a vessel marked with lines on the inside. Time was measured against these levels as the water dripped through a small hole in the base.
Sun poles were used also. Sun poles were used mostly by priests to tell the time.

The Egyptian measurement system was related to the human body. The main measurement was a cubit.
The Egyptian measuring system worked like this: Distance from elbow to outstretched fingertip= 1 cubit Cubit= Seven palms Palm= Four finger widths

The Egyptians were very advanced with they mathematical calculations. They had very sophisticated geometry to help in the building of their pyramids.

The Egyptian Doctors were extremely advanced for the time. Seeing the Egyptians had papyrus they could write down detailed knowledge of the body. Papyrus manuals that are around today reveal that they had very good maps of the digestive system, and the nervous system. They had great knowledge of the human circulation also.
Egyptian Doctors studied the symptoms of sick people in order to understand illness and disease. They used plants and herbs, such as garlic and jeiper berries as cures.

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