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A welcome opportunity to sample the seedier parts of London's East

Some weeks ago mkb, E2's very own inhouse DJ and purveyor of avantgarde electronic music, announced with increasing inaccuracy that he would be visiting the world's capital, London. For those of us working and/or living in Boris's fiefdom, this is a good opportunity to showcase the best of our lovely pubs.

So we wouldn't just drag mkb in any old boozer, I went pubscouting last night around the previously walled in City of London. After fits and starts and some terribly pretentious places full of plonkers I finally found the right place, tucked away in a small street around Spitalfields.

So, if you're around, join mkb, the boozemonkeys and myself for an evening of real ales, Pimms and happy debauchery on

Wednesday, 17.9.08, 19:00

at the Waterpoet

9-11 Folgate Street

London E1 6BX

This is a lovely, lovely pub with plenty of space, light and nice people. It's not hard to find, thanks to this handy google map link.

So, who will be there?

lapetitemort Strawberryfrog


"What did you do that for, you Bastard!"

It was indeed a good night. A short one for me, but indeed a good one. I arrived at 18:30, walking through the cavernous innards of the Waterpoet, just to be followed by an attractive, compact and blond young woman. My stalker turned out to be LapetiteMort, who was sitting with the charming TenMinJoe in the balmy autumn evening. Next to arrive was BaronWR, full of the joys of spring and excited about finally being a PhD grad student. Then Fondue arrived, shortly followed by Sam512. These two had to be introduced after 10 minutes, because both where to shy to admit that they didn't have a clue who the other one was. I think on some sort of revenge impetus, Sam512 only minutes later decided to poor half a pint of Lager over Fondue's legs.

I think that's the first time I've ever seen the normally almost zen-like calmness-merchant Fondue genuinely animated. My Finn Brothers T-shirt fortunately saved the day and mopped up the excess liquid and rested on Fondue's lap for the rest of the evening. I might never wash it again. Poor Sam512 was mortifyingly embarassed and only mumbled for the rest of the evening, poor Sod.

Then The Debutante made an non-corporeal appearance via LPM's cellphone just to check on us whether we're behaving. Next an amazingly respectable attired Hazelnut appeared, who lost his enormous red mullet and now looked almost like a Lawyer. There was still something vaguely rock-starry about him, but now mch more Whitesnake than Morbid Puppet. About 20:30 poor overworked MKB arrived mch to the cheers of the community, quickly followed by surprise - guest StrawberryFrog.

It was the usual E2-Fest: apart from Fondue glaring at Sam512, there was mch merryment, comparing of shite British Sci-Fi from the eighties and seventies (pssst: Sam512 likes Blakes 7), shouting, drinking and chanting. The only thing noticeable was what a respectable bunch of adults we have become. With Hazelnut finally turned mainstream, our bunch looked like an ex-alternative lifestyle group turned gallerists and scientist. There were still hints of previous youthful excesses (LPM's dozens of 'I'm A GOTH, so what' buttons on her jacket were the strongest giveaway), but boy, have we become respectable.

Fun, though. Unfortunately, I had to bugger off at 21:30 to get a train back to the suburbian sleeper town I dwell in, and left the others to continue drinking.

Thanks, Guys. Wonderful night.

P.S. And Fondue, don't be mad at him forever :-)

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