Eleusis is a card game. In it, one player creates a secret rule and the other players attempt to guess it by playing a single card or a group of cards, which the original player judges as either correct or incorrect. The full rules for the game of can be found at

Ancient city of Attica, Greece, 12 mi north west of Athens.

Through ancient times it was the seat of the Eleusinian Mysteries. There was a large temple to Demeter. The Eleusinian games, also held there, were not connected with the mysteries.

Excavation of the cemetery found graves that date from the 7th and 8th cent. B.C. The temple and a type of theater with rock-cut seats for about 3,000 spectators were uncovered near the modern village of Eleusis.


The eponymous hero of Eleusis. According to certain accounts he was the son of Hermes and Deianeira, and was married to Cothone; their son was Triptolemus. Demeter tried to make Triptolemus immortal by plunging him into a furnace. On seeing this Eleusis cried out which enraged Demeter and she killed him.


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