Once in a while a node comes along that really touches a nerve, a node that makes you feel all tingly because it has touched something that is dear to you or close to your heart. This is such a node.

I have recently become acquainted the music of Pimp Daddy Welfare. I would have to say that I have heard some talented musicians in my time (Miles Davis, B.B. King, Itzhak Perlman, Sting, Leonard Bernstein, John Lennon, Pat Metheny to name a few), and PDW leaves them all behind. With his deep and moving lyrics and melodies. And what better than one of his earlier works: Elmo Ain't Yo Average Nza.

PDW says about this song: "Elmo has always been known for his love of poppin the cherry and making em bleed. There's actually speculation that Elmo use to be another color aside from red, but upon popping his 700th virgin open like a bottle of asprin, his furr became red and has stayed that way ever since."

Now, mothafuckaz, I couldn't find these lyrics anywheres else on the net, so I's gone out of my way to right them down, word for mothafucking word. Yo! A world premier: the lyrics to Elmo Ain't Yo Average Nza:

Elmo Ain't Yo Average Nza

Elmo pimps hos
Elmo pimps hos
Elmo pimps hos
And he'll pimp you too

Unlike Snuffleupagus,
Elmo makes the bitches huff and puff on his
nuts, cause it's like that.
He's a pimp from Sesame Street,
fuck with Elmo and you might get beat
like Cookie Monster got beat
cause he was playing cards with Elmo and he tried to cheat
But Elmo caught him tryin' to cheat
so he got out his seat,
whipped out his meat
and gave the Cookie Monster a treat.
Now that blue bitch is missing a few teeth
Now how many cookies can he eat?
cause he got busted in the motherfucking mouth

Elmo pimps hos
Elmo pimps hos
Elmo pimps hos
And he'll pimp you too

Big Bird dig bird better check what you heard
I heard big bird wasn't down with the nerd
I told Elmo bout that shit
Elmo made Big Bird suck his dick
Then he hit him in the beak and said
You weak You weak
Elmo said hey Big Bird
get the fuck out the kitchen if you can't stand the heat
cause I'm the motherfucking pimp of Sesame Street

Elmo pimps hos
Elmo pimps hos
Elmo pimps hos
And he'll pimp you too Motherfucker


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