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Spacehog is:
  • Royston Langdon - lead vocals, bass
  • Antony Langdon - guitar, vocals
  • Richard Steel - lead guitar
  • Jonny Cragg - drums
Influenced by T. Rex, Mott The Hoople, and David Bowie, among others, the British quartet known as Spacehog have been been performing trippy space-rock since 1993. Originally calling themselves Grass, they changed their name once Supergrass grew to prominence in the U.K. Signed in 1995, the group released the album "Resident Alien", which included the minor MTV hit "In The Meantime". Described by some as "the real-deal remake of Ziggy Stardust" and "the Bowie album for which you've been waiting for years, the rocking, buoyant, blistering disc that Bowie was too much of an artiste to record", the album is the kind of well-performed, well-written album that most artists would kill to record.

The band toured with Tripping Daisy and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others, and released their sophomore effort, "The Chinese Album" in 1998. Another incredible effort, "The Chinese Album" gave the 90's an injection of 70's glam rock, it invokes memories of Queen and David Bowie (but not really Queen AND David Bowie, like in Under Pressure).


"Resident Alien" (1995)

"The Chinese Album" (1998)

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