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A short story by Clive Barker, from the Books of Blood, Volume Three, which was published in 1984. I can assure you you will want to read the book as the movie is terrible. I've been known to enjoy B-movies, but this one was D at best.

Anyway, the story is set in a small English town called Zeal and centers around a man named Ron Milton who has decided to get away from it all and set up a new home here. In the movie, the main character (I think of the same name) is an author researching churches in England. The local legend is of an ancient beast king named Rawhead Rex who has quite the taste for blood.

He was entombed under a stone in what was known as Three Acre Field. Some local yokel plows the field his recently deceased father would never enter, and encounters a giant stone covering the king's tomb. He unearths it and naturally unleashes a hell-like fury upon the otherwise peaceful little village.

I really can't say much more, as it is a short story and there is little else to tell besides how it ends. It is fairly typical of Barker's earlier work (heck, it is his earlier work), and you get a good feel of the what's to come in his later and larger works. The story itself is actually pretty good.

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