Enmeduranki of Sippar (or Enmeenduranna) was the seventh King of Sumeria before the Flood. According to the list of kings found at Larsa, he ruled "5 sars, 5 ners" - that is 21,000 years.

He was regarded as the 'Father of Soothsaying' (extispicy) by the Babylonians and Assyrians. It is said that the secrets of divination were shown to a king of Sippar by divine revelation. Gods make their will, intentions and answers known to the people by supernatural means: numerous omens and signs that needed explanation. The exegesis of omens was seen as a discipline ('science') to inquire the gods. It was an official institution, used by the king to collect information. No decision of any importance was taken without proper consulting. The sun god utu is in particular connected with the discipline of divination. He is in a position to oversee everything, so also the future.

His sage Utuabzu (perhaps Enmeduranki himself) was said to have "ascended to heaven" in several Sumerian incantation texts. This story is very reminiscent of the Biblical story of Enoch (Genesis 5:22-24).

{Kings of Sumeria}

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