An annual event at the University of California, San Diego in which the normally reserved student body engages in an all-day exercise in debauchery. It is usually held in the middle of UCSD's spring term, which drops it somewhere in early May.

Highlights include: students drinking in lecture, carnival-style games and booths selling food, innumerable dorm parties, and a concert at the end of the day with national acts.

Notably, it is the only event at UCSD that draws a significant number of students from San Diego State University, the area's renowned party school.

Other sun gods from around the world include:

But that's not all. Most other religions have some kind of Sun God. Odin exchanged one of his eyes for perfect and complete knowledge, causing him to be known as 'Old One Eye' by his fellow gods. Jehovah was 'the Pillar of Fire'. Jupiter scored the land with his lightning. And I'm sure I've missed many more...

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