An error message that Netscape for Unix will occasionally put up. Again a fine example of Netscapese, it has a supposed meaning, and an actual meaning.

Supposed, official meaning: I am a nice program, I bend myself backwards for the integrity of your data. And particularly of your most precious bookmarks, the elegant tree structure where you store your precious links to woodworking sites and Precious Moments fan sites.
But it so happens that at the moment something (but I am not telling you exactly what *giggle* *giggle*) prevents me from writing those little gleaming bookmarks of yours to the disk.
Maybe a little boo-boo is in progress. Maybe you should place a call to the nice man with the beard and the suspenders.

Real meaning: YOU FUCKWIT ! Once again you have forgotten that I have the habit of leaving behind huge copies of myself, even after you dutifully picked the Quit option from the menus that I trickily provide.
Tell you what: the real name for that option should have been "Allocate another 5 Megs, close windows and hide into swap in deep stealth mode" - but the UI engineer would not have that.
SO, it may be the case that there are EXTRA COPIES OF ME, trying to DO THINGS with your piddly bookmark files ! AND YOU BETTER (I know, caps lock means that I am screaming, that's precisely the point) FIND THEM AND KILL THEM ! But kill them DEAD !

A word for the wise guy: ps -ef | grep netsca
And anything less than kill -9 is for insecure people.

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