• I'm flowing
  • I'm leaking
  • I'm sledging (refers to wearing a sledge)
  • I'm filming the Parting of the Red Sea (my favourite)


  • Ma tante Rose a débarqué (Aunt Rosie's arrived)
  • J'ai mes ours (literally: I have my bears)


Now add yer own...

on the rag.
riding the crimson tide.
laying the robin's egg.
stuffed with cotton. (I hate that one)
in the light blue spectrum. (referencing bc pills)

My grandparents, Ruth and Don, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and my sister's fiance (who has performed at Yuk Yuk's) got up to say a few things. He was saying that Don had to put up with almost 50 years of trying to figure out what time of the month it was - women have so many different names for it (most are already listed above). But the funniest part was when he said:

"I'm sure after six kids, Ruth just called it 'the blessing'."

Here are some more euphemisms and slang terms to add to the list:

Variations on those offered by knifegirl and P_I:

  • Aunt Ruby is visiting
  • The Red Sea is in
  • Some of these are from, others have been collected by friends and I over years of monthly bleeding from the nether region.

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