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On May 12, Copenhagen presented the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest. It was the 46th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, held at the Parken Stadium. The contest, which has been broadcast every year since 1956 in most European countries, probably holds the record as the longest-running programme on TV. Regardless of the current events of the world, despite international, economical or musical ups and downs, the Eurovision Song Contest has taken place year after year, like a faithful harbinger of spring.

The 2001 contest was surprisingly won by Estonia, represented by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton singing their R&B song Everybody. This was the first time that Estonia, who only took part for the first time in 1994, have won the contest and Dutchman Dave Benton was the first black singer to win the Eurovision. Actor and entertainer Søren Pilmark and journalist and TV hostess Natasja Crone were the couple inviting all of Europe to join in watching the European TV event of the year. In the stadium 35,000 people attended, but there were also 100 million television viewers.

There is no Eurovision Song Contest without quarrels about strange acts, basically wrong lyrics or the sexual identity of the participants. This time it was Germany who lit the fire by demanding Holland's Michelle to change her name. The reason? Germany's participant was also named Michelle. Eventually both singers (the German one with her sorrow childhood, and the sober, stubborn Dutch singer) performed under their own name.

The 2001 edition was one of the most boring ever. The most interesting features: the pre-film of the Norwegians with naked men; Sweden had another ABBA-clone; Ireland had purposely sent a boring bard because they did not want to win (it costs too much money to organize the event, and it's the winner who earns that honour), and Poland had chosen to Dawn French look-alikes with rasta whigs.

As usual each country awarded 12, 10, 8, 7-1 points for their top ten songs: 15 countries by televoting, 3 by an professional jury and 5 countries used a 50-50 jury.

  1. Estonia: Tanel Padar & Dave BentonEverybody (198 points)
  2. Denmark: Rollo & KingNever ever let you go (177)
  3. Greece: Antique - Die 4 U (147)
  4. France: Natasha St.-Pier - Je n'ai que mon âme (142)
  5. Sweden: Friends - Listen to your heartbeat (100)
  6. Spain: David Civera - Dile que la quiero (76)
  7. Slovenia: Nuša DerendaEnergy (70)
  8. Germany: Michelle - Wer Liebe lebt (66)
  9. Malta: Fabrizio Faniello - Another Summer night (48)
  10. Croatia: Vanna - Strings of my heart (42)
  11. Turkey: Sedat Yüce - Sevgiliye Son (41)
  12. Russia: Mumiy Troll - Lady Alpine blue (37)
  13. Lithuania: Skamp - U got style (35)
  14. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Nino Prses - Hano (29)
  15. United Kingdom: Lindsay D - No Dream Impossible (28)
  16. Israel: Tal Sundak - Ein Davar (25)
  17. Portugal: MTM - Só sei ser feliz assim (18)
  18. the Netherlands: MichelleOut on my own (16)
  19. Latvia: Arnis Mednis - Too much (16)
  20. Poland: Piasek - 2 long (11)
  21. Ireland: Gary O'Shaughnessy - Without your love (6)
  22. Iceland: Two Tricky – Angel (3)
  23. Norway: Haldor LægreidOn my own (3)

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