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It's entirely possible that someone, somewhere, out there, doesn't like sluts. But scientific experiments have proved that those people have a percentage in the population roughly equal to 0. Roughly. Of course, the ideal slut differs from person to person.

It's a popular misconception that all sluts are heterosexual females or homosexual males, but one fact remains, that everybody loves sluts.

You might not like someone being a slut, but you probably like someone that is a slut, they just haven't come out of that closet yet.

Please, feel free to leave the name and phone number of the sluts you love here.

Where I grew up, her name was Therren. Have you ever known anyone with that name? I think it must have some sort of wicked overtones.

I must say, I never dated Therren. She carried herself in such a way that no one in school would have dared make fun of her or say anything about her "dates." She walked the hallways of the school as if nothing untowards was going on. A stately girl, if not the best-looking one in her class. Quite well-built and somewhat tall for her age.

Some of my friends would pick Therren up on "dates" at various times. There was no doubt about the arrangement. She got picked up, she got screwed, she got taken home. Well, that was how we thought of it back then. Now, it occurs to me that the guys I knew picking her up were the ones getting screwed more than her. They felt guilty afterwards. Therren just looked satisfied.

C.S. Lewis, in his excellent book The Four Loves, makes a telling observation. He states that men seem to love an infernal Venus -- that is, an archetypical goddess of love, a pure and untaintable vision of almost holy devotion, who just happens to be a slut. You have the perfect and the profane, wrapped up in one package.

That goes a long way to explaining certain popular themes in entertainment. The movie Pretty Woman is just one example.

Yeah, mankind and mythology are full of those dichotomies and dualisms. Deal with it.

I think all the writeups agreeing that "everybody loves sluts" are from male writers. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) I just finished reading "Slut! Growing Up Female With A Reputation" by Leora Tanenbaum, which points out that women are often much harder on women who have been labeled "slut" than are men, and in high schools the abuse heaped on people who've been given this label (often inaccurately so) would be considered sexual harassment if it occurred in a workplace. The book also cites the movies "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (where Fiona describes Carrie as a slut when Charles first seems interested in her) and "Chasing Amy" (where Holden cannot cope with the idea that his girlfriend Alyssa has a lot of heterosexual experience, though her lesbian experiences didn't bother him) as pretty realistic examples of how people see the person who is a "slut."

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