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As inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Frank: "It's no crime to give yourself over to pleasure." Audience: "It is in Maryland; Everything's a crime in Maryland!"

I've seen Rocky in places where that line is about someplace other than Maryland, but I offer the following as proof that the line really should be about Maryland:

1. Cursing is illegal in Baltimore.
2. Spitting on the sidewalk is illegal in Maryland.
3. Clotheslines are a violation.
4. It's illegal to take a lion to the movies. (Sorry, Aslan!)
5. Sleeveless shirts are illegal in Baltimore.
6. Oral Sex is illegal in the state of Maryland.
7. (This one is my favorite) Any house with more than five women sharing one kitchen is legally a brothel under Baltimore City law. For this reason, all the sorority houses around Baltimore have to have multiple kitchens.

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