Every step that has been taken
Every bridge ever crossed
Every passage unforsaken
Every snake eyes ever tossed
Every gamble
Every lie
Every truth that it tried to hide
Every secret hidden from view
That's everything I am to you

Take what I am
Make me shine
Give me to those who follow
Show them everything you find
Teach them everything you know
Every inch every child grew
That's everything I am to you

Every symbol misunderstood
Every dollar ever earned
Every quake, fire, bomb and flood
Every lesson ever learned
Every winner
Every tie
Every loser who won inside
Everything old and everything new
That's everything I am to you

I am your future
I'm your history
Every previous generation's legacy
Every baby's smile
Every old man's frown
I give everything I am to you
Don't let me down

Every person, place and thing
Every breath ever breathed
Every ace, jack, queen and king
Every sword ever sheathed

Every song that's ever been sung
The turn of every page
Every ladder and every rung
Each year the wine did age
Every battle
Every war
And everything they were fighting for
Every seed every mind ever grew
That's everything I am to you

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