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The Everything Sandwich

This node is named not for its involvement or in reference to E2. It is a cooking node. It contains a recipe (or rather, instructions, since it's a sandwich, not a concoction) on how to make a very delicious deli-style sandwich.

Alright. First, find yourself a couple slices of your favorite bread. This can be anything from plain old white or wheat to potato or rye bread.

Next, select as many different cheeses as you think you can handle. I usually like to use swiss, muenster, brie, and provolone.

Now, you need to find yourself some meat. Consider yourself a lucky Sandwichian if you can find some spicy hungarian salami. Another favorite is pepperoni.

Finally, go out and round up some vegetables. I like to use red/green/yellow/orange peppers, carrots, lettuce, and mushrooms. I don't care for tomatoes or onions, but you might want to try them.

Additional (optional) yummies include cream cheese and baked beans (see B&M).

Now that you have all the ingredients, throw it all together in a huge sandwich. I like to separate each layer of meat with a layer of cheese, and each layer of cheese with a layer of vegetable, so that no like ingredients are next to each other, and you can taste the individual flavors. If you opt for the cream cheese and baked bean option (which I highly suggest), then spread the cream cheese on one of the bread slices, and mush the baked beans into the cream cheese. If you use carrots, you can mush them in as well, so they won't fall out of the sandwich.

As far as condiments go, it's up to you. I like mayonnaise and sometimes a little mustard as well. If you want to add more crunch, throw some chips in as well.


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