In the Old German Tale of the Volsungs(volsunga), Fafnir was the son of the dwarf king Hreidmar. He slew his father for the kings's treasure and concealed it from his brother Regin, as to not share it with him. Over the years, he became a red wingless dragon and possessed a bald weak spot in his scaley hide. Nevertheless, many still were held in awe of his countenance. Fafnir, the not so great worm, was slain by Sigurd, when Sigurd and Regin were on an episode to regain the wealth of the Nibelungs' treasure. Upon Fafnir's rather lengthy death sequence as detailed by the Volsunga Saga, Fafnir and Sigurd engage in conversation and Fafnir warns Sigurd that the Nibelungs' hoard will be the bane of it's possessor.

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